Fully Funded University of Pennsylvania US 2022 Mitchell Center Graduate Fellowships

The Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy will award up to 10 research fellowships to University of Pennsylvania undergraduates for projects to be begun in the summer of 2021 and completed during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Students may receive grants of up to $2500 for research expenses.  All full-time Penn undergraduate students enrolled in any school who wish to undertake research pertinent to any dimension of democracy, its practice or theory, as well as the related themes of citizenship and constitutional government, are eligible to apply.  Grants may be combined with funding from other programs.  Applicants are expected but not required to conduct research that will contribute to the writing of a Senior Essay or the completion of an independent study course during the 2021-2022 academic year.  Work may involve travel to libraries, archives, field or interview sites, or other institutions.

All grant recipients are required to participate in bi-monthly seminars during the academic year, which will include discussions of research strategies as well as presentations of students’ ongoing work. Recipients are encouraged to attend the Mitchell Center’s other workshops and lecture series, featuring leading scholars and public figures from around the world.  All grant recipients are also required to give an oral presentation on their completed research at the Mitchell Center Undergraduate Conference near the end of the 2021-2022 academic year.

Aim and Benefits of University of Pennsylvania Bachelors

will provide for the graduate student’s tuition and an annual stipend during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Requirements for University of Pennsylvania Bachelors Qualification

  • Open to all nationals of the University.
  • This scholarship is for the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • You need the following documents to apply for this scholarship :
    • CV
    • Dissertation Research Statement
    •  Event Proposals
    • Transcript
    • Letter of Endorsement
  • Applicants need to send applications in Word or PDF format to mitchell-center@sas.upenn.edu. Dissertation Supervisors should send their letters of endorsement separately.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to University of Pennsylvania on curf-upenn.smapply.io to apply

Applications should be made via the CURF website, where you will be asked to submit the following four items in separate PDFs:

1.  Research Statement. A statement not exceeding 1000 words describing the aims and rationale for the research project related to some dimension of “Democracy, Citizenship, and Constitutionalism” that you wish to undertake. Indicate as concretely as possible your preliminary research plans.
2. Budget. A preliminary budget of your research expenses. Appropriate items include research travel, housing, food, and phone costs, book and document costs, fees to use archives, survey costs, etc.
3. Transcript. An UNSECURED copy of your PennInTouch transcript (print a PDF from your browser window).
4. CV or Resume. Optional.

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